About the viewer
  • 27 Jun 2023

About the viewer

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Before you begin

This section is about the end-user component of LiveStream Pro: the Viewer.
The settings for this application are determined in the LiveStream event configuration.

Access the viewer app

You can share the event URL, which is found in the Sharing page.

You can alternatively access the Viewer App from the Setup Summary.


You will then be taken to the viewer app.

Before the event

If you access the event before it is live, you will see the pre-event screen.
If no image has been selected for the intro page, you will see the following screen:


If an image or video has been selected for the intro page, the pre-event screen will display the selected image or video.

During the live event

If you're accessing the event while it is being broadcast live, you will see the player and messaging window (where applicable):


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