• 24 May 2024


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Before you begin

Where needed, you can enable participants of the livestream to message each other or ask questions.
This section covers the options available.

After determining your sharing and embedding settings, you can enable messaging for your event.

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Disable chat

If you disable the chat, all interactivity is disabled. This means that participants cannot interact with the moderator or with each other.

Unmoderated chat

If you enable unmoderated chat, participants' messages become visible to all other attendees.

Moderated Q&A

If you enable moderated Q&A, participants' messages must be first approved by the moderator before they become visible to all other attendees.

If moderators decline the message, only the moderator and the original poster will see the messages. For more information, consult the moderation and the viewer articles.

Anonymous Q&A

Extension of the Moderated Q&A. If you enable this option your participants will be able to ask questions as anonymous users - without providing their names.

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